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Venture Capital & Private Equity fund operations
Fund operations are usually complex and the work falls on the shoulders of a small team of highly skilled individuals, that among all other things have to think critical, synthesize complex information, make sure that numbers reconcile, communicate well with internal and external stakeholders and be exceptional operators.

As part of their day-to-day, they also have to manually conduct and document recurring activities, like regular portfolio reporting and compliance procedures. More often than not they are only equipped with spreadsheets, email and task managers to get the job done, but face high cost of failure where errors can ultimately lead to severe reputational damage and legal consequences.

Next Matter allows Venture Capital and Private Equity operators to build and run reliable automated operations workflows, tailored to their individual needs. Freed up of manual grunt, coordination and documentation work, the operations teams can spend their time on important creative and people matters instead.

Fund operators who seek inspiration for their automation agenda can use the area-by-area description below as a starting point.
Investor operations
Marketing and fundraising work of funds is usually centered around the CRM system where associates can maintain lists of prospects, manage outreach, conversations and follow-up tasks. Migrate these data using Next Matter into investor operations processes, such as:

- Investor Onboarding
- Know Your Partner (KYP)
- Anti Money Laundering (AML)
- Capital Calls / Drawdowns
- Distributions
Investment operations
Investment decisions and deal flow are often managed with the CRM system where investment managers maintain lists of targets, manage outreach and follow-up conversations. Next Matter can be utilised to automate the documentation of investment operations workflows, such as:

- Investment Company Analysis
- Due Diligence of Company
- Investment Committee and Minutes
- Know Your Customer (KYC) for all investors on the cap table and the founders
- Investment Completion Process Checklist
- Company Onboarding
- Transfers / Exit Management
Reporting operations
Regular internal and external reporting requires diligent execution of custom reporting processes. In the absence of a dedicated system, these are typically done with spreadsheets, email and task managers. Next Matter streamlines the processes with a few clicks.

- Portfolio Company Master Data Management
- Portfolio Company Reporting Data Request Management (Collection)
- Portfolio Company Reporting Consolidation
- Fund Valuations
- Impact Reporting
- LP Reporting
- Fund Administrator Management
Finance, Compliance and Legal
Banking and ERP systems are usually the backbone for finance related operations (payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, financial audits, tax reports). Highly fund specific activities require custom operating procedures, examples of these are listed below:

- Fund Incorporation
- Management Compliance Attestations
- Self-reporting of Personal Dealing and Conflicts of Interest
- SSA / SHA creation
- Specialties, e.g. investor specific requirements
- Deed and Fund Side Letter compliance
- Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) operations
- ...
Operational Excellence Best Practices
Successful venture capital and private equity fund operators typically follow these practices to stay ahead:
Keep a repository with all your operations processes
Build structures that work when you are not around
Document everything to maintain an audit trail
Automate as early as possible to build for scale
Develop metrics and dashboards
Make operations frictionless for all stakeholders (GPs, LPs, Investment Team, Portfolio Companies, Partners)
Improve continuously
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Video Teaser for selected use cases
Reporting is a core activity of fund operators, which Next Matter can automate to save on average 70% time on request coordination and follow-up grunt work. This video takes a closer look at a use case for regular portfolio company reporting.

Fund operators have to create a variety of documents to stay compliant. This teaser video shows how management attestations can be automated on the all-in-one operations platform Next Matter.

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