Mission-critical?Automate it.

Operations-intensive doesn’t mean operations chaos.
Automate complex workflows, operate better, and scale up faster with Next Matter.

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High volume service providers
Trust their mission-critical operations with next matter

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Tasks are simple; Workflows are complex.

Your workflows are organic beasts. Multiple tasks, people and systems.
Next Matter puts them in functioning order.
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Create the perfect workflow without compromising

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Recreate complex operations as tailor-fit, automated workflows – matching your business and technical requirements exactly.

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Integrate your existing tech stack with custom REST API, automate steps, and eliminate data errors

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Build custom actions and tools for function-specific and critical business requirements

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"Next Matter was the only solution that could automate our workflow exactly as we wanted. It’s simple, integrates with all our tools, and is super easy to use."
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Manage mission-critical operations at scale

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Standardize manual processes in structured, clear workflows, automate orchestration, and scale-up operational performance

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Activate teams, suppliers, customers and partners to complete activities automatically and in full, without extra coordination

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Optimize workflows in minutes with no-code editing, to incorporate learnings on-the-fly and improve fast

“We have thousands of users to onboard and it was a very time-consuming process. With Next Matter we sped up the onboarding process by 5-6x.”
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Make working easier for everyone you depend on

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Engage everyone – employees, suppliers, customers – to complete workflow activities seamlessly

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Focus on the activity at-hand with relevant data and content immediately available. That could be:

a Team Member handling multiple work streams in parallel
a Customer filling out a simple web form, without logging in
a Supplier onboarding without writing a single email

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Deliver on-time and in-full, maintaining transparency and accountability

"Next Matter reduced a multi-day, manual process requiring several team members to an automated workflow that can be handled by one person in just a few minutes. It is an enormous relief!"
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Total visibility, without booking a meeting

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Visualize operations end-to-end and track everything in real-time

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Analyze workflow, team, and department performance with granular analytics

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Safeguard compliance with standardized workflows, timestamps, retrievable audit logs, and data management

“Next Matter enabled the business to operate with greater ease and precision. In a complex process we can be confident that nothing will fall through due to human error.”


Why customers trust Next Matter
for their mission-critical workflows

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Reliable when things go big

Run thousands of workflows with tens of thousands of automated steps in parallel. That’s a lot mistakes avoided.

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Customizable when things get weird

That one-of-a-kind integration with DHL? Or was it Dunkin’ Donuts? Yes we support it, and we’ll help you set it up too.

More than a platform when things go wrong

Our Operations Experts are not your usual CS team. They’re solutions engineers with an addiction to operational excellence, and helping you achieve it.

Fast when things need to be done fast

Complex, automated workflows go-live in hours – not months. Build fast, iterate on-the-fly with no-code, and make improvements as the learnings come in.

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Operations teams are winning with Next Matter

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