Workflows for mission-critical jobs

Connect tasks, teams, tools, and external people in automated workflows, designed to work exactly like you do.

Scalable, automated workflows that companies depend on – every single day

Workflows that don’t break
from 10x to 10,000x

Whether you want to design workflows ready for compliance, enhance CX with ticket-based workflows,  or scale critical ops you can build them, run them and optimise them on Next Matter.

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Leading companies run their operations on Next Matter


Why customers trust Next Matter
for their mission-critical workflows

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Reliable when things go big

Run thousands of workflows with tens of thousands of automated steps in parallel. That’s a lot mistakes avoided.

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Customizable when things get weird

That one-of-a-kind integration with DHL? Yes we support it, and we’ll help you set it up too.

More than a platform when things go wrong

Our Operations Experts are not your usual CS team. They’re solutions engineers with an addiction to operational excellence, and helping you achieve it.

Fast when things need to be done fast

Complex, automated workflows go-live in hours – not months. Build fast, iterate on-the-fly with no-code, and make improvements as the learnings come in.

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