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A Complete Automation Platform

Make any workflow compliant by design

Automated workflows with security & compliance baked in for more reliable operations and restful nights of sleep.


Manual operations come with maximum risk.
To run compliance-relevant work at-scale, Ā you need a durable solution with audit-readiness built in.


With Next Matter, you can build or augment any compliance-relevant workflow to run reliably and securely, every single time.

Design compliance for every interaction

Aerones automates near-miss incident reporting for maximum transparency & improvement

Customer Support

CS Quality Audit

Food & Beverage

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Wrong/Missing Parcel Handling

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BlueYard streamlines Quarterly Portfolio Reporting for peak fund operations efficiency

Business Operations

3rd Party Vendor Onboarding

IT Operations

System Access Request

HR Operations

Request for NDA

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Compliant by design,
bulletproof by demand

Transform or augment any compliance-relevant business process with workflow automation. Itā€™s pro-code for infinite flexibility, and UI for the rest.

Automate and carry out unique sequences of team, system, and external tasks, removing manual error from compliance-sensitive work.

Track and report on workflows in real-time with granular workflow timestamps and audit logs for both workflow execution and edit history.

Ready to get compliant?

Whether youā€™re Head of Compliance, Process Owner, or a seasoned low-code builder ā€“ get started your way.

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