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A Complete Automation Platform

Transform tickets into automated workflows

From ticket owners to workflow enablers. Empower any support rep to improve CX by owning and resolving workflows, not tickets.


Half of all customer support tickets involve simple tasks, while the other half is unique to your business and can only be handled by experts.

To satisfy customer needs promptly and at scale, you need every rep able to resolve cases like an expert.


With Next Matter, your tickets transform into end-to-end workflows that activate systems and engage people—both internal and external—without expert guidance.

Best of all, your reps can trigger and manage these workflows from within their CRM.

Trigger workflows from any type of ticket

Faster ticket resolution, better customer experience

Automate who does what by when once a customer request is received. Build workflows involving internal and external stakeholders, integrating your systems and automating tasks.

Automate tickets to clear tasks, instructions and approvals to resolve any customer request. Gain end to end visibility on the progress with automated reminders and escalations.

Improve consistency and compliance with performance reports and activity timestamps.  Update workflows at anytime without the need for IT assistance or change management processes.

Customer STORIES

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