Customer stories

Leading companies run their operations on Next Matter

TradeCore automates and scales-up customer risk assessment with Next Matter

‚ÄúWe needed to find the sweet spot where we remove the compliance burden for our customers, but still offer a smooth onboarding experience for their users. Next Matter enabled that for us.‚ÄĚ

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HelloFreshGO delivers world class vending machine operations with Next Matter

HelloFreshGO implemented a robust, scalable field and tech support system with Next Matter, ensuring their customers can enjoy tasty lunches on-the-go with minimal disruption.

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Home24 Outlet improves customer experience and streamlines store growth with Next Matter

Home24 Outlet connects teams and functions with Next Matter, ensuring consistently exceptional customer experience across a growing number of locations.

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tink provides comprehensive, smooth onboarding for new employees with Next Matter

tink ensures that all new team members get off to the best possible start by providing them with a sophisticated, adaptable onboarding process via Next Matter.

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Managing high-quality content creation with Next Matter

tink creates a wide variety of eCommerce content each week and maintains exceptional quality and efficiency through a precise, yet flexible process on Next Matter.

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