Company & Recruitment FAQs

Insight and answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Next Matter team, product and recruitment process.

Recruiting process

How do I apply for a position at Next Matter?

We’re happy to hear that you’re interested in joining Next Matter! To apply for a position, please visit our Careers page, where you’ll find all the relevant details. Typically, you will apply with your CV (or LinkedIn profile) and a brief cover letter. We will thoroughly review your application and come back to you as soon as possible.

I can’t find a role for my professional background but do you accept proactive applications?

Yes, we do. Since we’re on a growth path, there are constantly new roles and career opportunities emerging. Feel free to reach out to our Talent team at to discuss options and get included into our list of interested candidates to be among the first ones to learn about new opportunities at Next Matter.

Who will my interviewers be?

One of the main goals of our interview process is to get to know you and to give you the opportunity to get to know the people you’ll be working with. Therefore, you will meet your hiring manager and future team members. In the last interview round, you will also meet our CEO Jan and/or our COO Tassilo who are excited to talk about your motivation to join the team and answer any burning questions that you might have.

How should I prepare for the interviews?

You already found the FAQ section, so you’re clearly on the right track. :-) Interviewing is a two-way process - we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. Use the information on our website to learn more about Next Matter. Overall, we assess the technical and cultural fit of a candidate in our interviews. Please make sure to watch these two videos so that you know more about what we do as you go into the interviews.

What kind of experience-related questions can I expect at my interviews?

Expect your interviewer to ask about your previous work experience, any examples that illustrate your strengths, and cases where you were able to demonstrate a particular skill. Be sure to highlight knowledge, traits or experience that you feel will be valuable in the prospective role. This will help your interviewer to get a better understanding of you and your background, and enable us to ensure that you’re set up for success when joining Next Matter.

I have a tech interview coming up. How can I prepare for it?

The tech interview will consist of a live coding exercise based on a real-life problem. We do this as a live coding exercise instead of a take-home assignment, because we want to avoid candidates spending a long time to prepare for the assignment ahead of the call.

Will there be a work assignment?

Yes, in the second interview round, you will get the opportunity to showcase your skills in the context of a real-life work setting. This allows you to get some insight into the nature of the work and allows us to understand how working together could be like. Of course, we are very mindful of your time commitment and promise to ensure that the scope of the work assignment is reasonable (expect 1-2 hours) and doesn’t require an excessive amount of your personal time.

For tech roles, there is currently no work assignment required in the hiring process.

How long does the process take?

We interview fast but thoroughly. Typically, the process from application to offer takes around 3 weeks.

Does Next Matter offer internship opportunities?

Yes, we do offer paid internships across functions. If you’re interested in an internship at Next Matter, please reach out to our Talent team at to discuss options

What kind of contract do you offer? Is B2B contractor possible?

We offer a full time employment contract in your country of residence, provided that you have a valid work permit. This type of contract comes with all the local social security / insurance / pension / leave benefits, which Next Matter covers fully. The salary is paid in local currency.Sometimes the position may require another type of contract, for example a fixed term contract for freelance work, however this will be made clear from the beginning of the interview process. If you have any specific requirements please discuss this with your Talent manager.

Do I need to negotiate my offer?

At Next Matter we believe in making fair offers at above-average market value. Therefore, you do not need to negotiate your offer.

Life at Next Matter

How does the remote-first work model at Next Matter work? Can I work remotely?

Absolutely, we are a remote-first company, which means that your team will be, first and foremost, a remote team. All our collaboration practices are designed to create a stellar (remote) work experience and we firmly believe that we, as trailblazers for the future of work, also have the responsibility and luxury to role-model it ourselves.

In Berlin, however, we do have an office that is used frequently by our colleagues who live there or are visiting.

Since you are remote-first, does the company/team actually meet in person? (retreats, can visit the office etc.)

Yes, the whole Next Matter team usually meets every 5-6 months at one of the locations of our team members. For example, the team have met in person for off-sites in Vienna, Barcelona and Berlin. Apart from team off-sites, parts of the team sometimes meet for specific tasks, projects or co-working sessions.

Who will I be working with? What does the team look like?

Next Matter currently consists of ~35 people located in 16+ countries and even more cities (including Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, London, Dubai, Lisbon, Warsaw, Prague, Dublin and Helsinki). Our team members have a broad range of backgrounds and nationalities. Feel free to check out some of our team members’ profiles on LinkedIn:

Manana Jaworska
Engineering Lead
Steve Duncan
Design Lead
Jan Hugenroth
Founder & CEO
Michał Gumkowski
Software Engineer
Tassilo Karunarathna
Laia Gasparin
Solutions Engineer
Alessio Madeyski
Digital Marketing Manager
Dagmar Schledermann
Remote Office Manager
Daniel Marchuk
Engineering Lead
Shadi Rashed
Senior Solutions Engineer
Łukasz Sobek
Senior Software Engineer
Łukasz Szmit
Engineering Lead
Simon Völker
Backend Tribe Lead
Elisabeth Wagner
People Lead
Luke Walker
Growth Lead
What benefits do Next Matter team members get?
  • The once in a lifetime opportunity to build a global tech company. The right way. All of it in a well-funded setting with an experienced, tech-driven team and a validated product / business model.
  • The opportunity to work remotely, with flexibility in working hours. We are a remote-first team located in multiple European countries.
  • A state of the art remote office setup. We'll set you up with an Apple MacBook Pro or a Lenovo machine along with any software you need. You can choose your device from our equipment list, which you receive during your onboarding process.
  • A 1,000 EUR one-time home office setup stipend for setting up your remote workplace (e.g., monitor, desk, office chair, keyboard, etc.). In addition, team members annually receive 250 EUR individual equipment allowance to keep their equipment up to date.
  • A learning budget of 1,000 EUR per year, to be used at your discretion in alignment with the role requirements (e.g., for courses, conferences, books, coachings, etc.) to support your personal and professional development.
  • A competitive, top of market salary and equity options.
How are families supported at Next Matter?

The remote working model at Next Matter allows our employees to flexibly adapt their work schedule to the needs of their family and personal preferences (in alignment with their teams, of course). Goes without saying, that we offer parental leave in accordance with your country’s regulations. Fun fact: The average number of children in the customer success team is 2.66. Ask us for more details in the interviews :)

How is the work/life balance at Next Matter?

At Next Matter, we believe in a results-oriented approach and empower our team members to flexibly set up their work day in accordance with their personal preferences. The models of our team members look quite differently: Some colleagues prefer to start and end their day early, while others take a couple of hours off during the day to train for a triathlon or spend time with their family and finish their work later in the evening. Our remote working model allows for such flexibility as long as it is well communicated among team members so that everybody can plan accordingly. You decide when and how to get your work done and we will empower you to find a model that works for you. Wave goodbye to face time once and for all!

Can I access an office?

You can access the Next Matter office in Berlin. In the other locations, our team members work remotely and/or visit shared office spaces as preferred.

Can I work part time?

At the moment we only consider applications for full-time positions.

How many vacation days do I have? How are they approved?

Next Matter offers vacation days in line with local laws and regulations. Therefore, the number of vacation days depends on the country you’re located in. You can consume your vacation days as you prefer in alignment with your team.

Careers at Next Matter

I’m getting started at Next Matter - how does the onboarding process work?

During your first days at Next Matter, you will receive extensive onboarding to get to know Next Matter and the way we work. After a general welcome, you will receive deep dives over two days to understand our Growth, Success, People, Finance, Legal and Compliance, Product, Engineering, and Design functions. You will also participate in a customer day, where you will take on the role of a Next Matter customer to get familiar with our product and provide feedback to our Product team. Of course, you will also have a kickoff meeting with your manager, where you will discuss expectations, the scorecard of your role, and what you need to succeed at Next Matter. Last but not least, you will meet the team - we’re looking forward to having you here!

Which development opportunities do I have?

We are a fast-growing start-up which offers plenty of opportunities to grow, if you’re ready for the ride. Despite our flat hierarchies, we have clearly defined expectations for each role. By joining early, you will have the chance to shape and grow critical parts of our business while developing highly-valued professional and personal skills. Ask your hiring manager during the interview process for the details regarding your role - we’re looking forward to discussing your personal career path at Next Matter with you.

How do I get feedback?

At Next Matter, we believe in 360° feedback. Therefore, you will regularly receive and give feedback from and to managers, peers, and subordinates (if applicable). In addition, there will be an annual performance review, where you will receive formalized feedback and discuss growth opportunities and next steps for your career at Next Matter.

Do I need to ask for a raise?

Your compensation package will be pro-actively adjusted annually during your performance review with your manager. The raise is based on your own and the company's performance.If you are promoted to a new role in between reviews, then salary is certainly adjusted accordingly as well.

What do you expect from me in this role? How do you monitor performance?

In fairness to all applicants, we define exactly what is expected of any new joiner. During your onboarding process, your manager will discuss the scorecard for your role with you, which includes a list of important qualities, skills, and daily tasks. You will have full transparency on what is expected from you, how you’re evaluated and how success is defined for your role within the first 3, 6, and 12 months. You will receive regular feedback by your manager to make sure you have all the necessary resources to set you up for success. Also, there is an annual performance review process, where you will discuss your strengths and growth areas and define an action plan for the following year.

How do you work on developing your product?

We are using the Shape Up methodology, tailored to our needs.

How do you take customer feedback into account?

Constantly. We pride ourselves in the close partnership with our key customers, who are a continuous source of inspiration for refining both our strategic roadmap and day-to-day priorities. Our customers appreciate that we are transparent on what they can expect from us and what we will not deliver (from a product development point of view).

I have a question that I didn’t dare to ask. How can I get it answered?

Feel invited to always reach out to any Next Matter team member. Our Talent team will be happy to answer any questions related to the hiring process or your career at Next Matter, please reach out to us at