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Elisabeth Wagner
April 6, 2023

At Next Matter, we understand that the success of our business depends heavily on the team we build. 

Over the past 6 months we’ve doubled our team size, and we’ve got ambitious growth plans ahead! Our mission is to empower organizations to run excellent operations and unlock their full potential. Meet the people behind our hiring efforts, who are responsible for identifying, recruiting, and nurturing top talent to ensure that Next Matter has the right people in the right roles.

If you consider applying for one of our open positions, you will most likely be speaking with one of them in the near future.

Elisabeth - People & Operations Lead 

Elisabeth is leading our People & Operations team, responsible for bringing the right people into the organization and ensuring they have the necessary resources to thrive at Next Matter. She's also responsible for our businesses operations, including legal tasks and compliance. She has a background as a strategy consultant and in academia, lives in Vienna, Austria with her family, and is passionate about new work, science communication, and diversity & inclusion. 

Q: “Elisabeth, what do you like about your role here at Next Matter?”

A: We live in quite exciting times with remote work being on the rise for years and the pandemic and recent innovations like AI further fuelling the transformation of the way we work. At Next Matter, we have fully embraced the remote work model from the beginning and our team members truly enjoy it. The days where supervisors monitored hours spent working are over - remote work requires a complete mindset shift to a more flexible, trust-based model where results are the primary measure of success. 

Q: “What does that look like in practice and how do you embody flexibility at Next Matter?” 

A: What we observe when we speak to candidates is that the term “flexibility” has almost become a red flag. It often means that employers expect their employees to be available and “flexible” all the time. For us, flexibility is defined quite differently. We want to provide our team members with the opportunity to adapt their schedules to integrate with both their professional goals and personal commitments. We have many parents on our team who take time out of their day to have lunch with the family or pick their kids up from school. We have people who train for a triathlon or take driving lessons. And we fully support them in doing so. These commitments are aligned with your team, you put a blocker into your calendar and then you go for them. We can accommodate these things and still deliver excellent results.

Q: “What do you like about your role here at Next Matter and what are current initiatives you’re working on?” 

A: What I really like about Next Matter is that our product perfectly aligns with our working model - it contributes to building the future of work and enables us to live it ourselves. In addition, we truly have a wonderful team. Every single person here is so talented and nice. It’s rare that you meet a bunch of people where you just click with everybody, but that’s exactly what I feel here at Next Matter. I’m also looking forward to our next initiatives. We’re currently planning a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion survey to gain further insights into the various diversity dimensions and offer the appropriate support. We are also working on defining career paths and building our employer brand. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Next Matter!

“Reach out to me to ask me anything around life, career, and culture at Next Matter.”

Tom - Talent Acquisition Manager

Tom is our Talent Acquisition Manager at Next Matter. he's the go-to person for finding the perfect candidate and believes that building relationships is key to finding the best talent. When he's not busy scouting top talent, you can find him in some hard-hitting tackles on the rugby pitch or battling monsters in Dungeons & Dragons. Tom values honesty, empathy, and the power of a good conversation. He's always willing to listen and learn and never afraid to push back. With him on board, you can trust that Next Matter's hiring efforts will be both efficient and effective.

Q: “Tell us a little bit about yourself, Tom. Why did you join Next Matter? Why should others join?”

A: “I joined Next Matter for the chance to really build something from the ground up, and learn more about what it takes to build a successful start-up. It also just happens to be remote first, so the perfect opportunity to start scouting beaches to work from”

Q: “What do you believe sets apart the best candidates from the rest?”

A: “There's never one thing, people are complex and diverse, what works for one doesn’t always work for another. My advice is to just be yourself and the right business will find you rather than trying to fit ‘the mould’. 

Q: “How do you ensure that the recruiting process is efficient and effective?”

A: Setting clear expectations from the get go across the hiring team and for candidates, with transparency at the heart of communications.

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Mwansa - Talent Consultant

Mwansa is a Talent Acquisition Lead (via Talentful) who was brought into the business to help build Next Matter’s Talent Acquisition function and assist the company on their journey from Series A to Series B. He has a deep understanding of the recruitment process and experience in sourcing and hiring top talent within tech & engineering teams. His background in organizational behaviour and business coaching compliments his development and execution of recruitment strategies that align with company and business goals.

Q: “Mwansa, where are you based and what do other people not know about you?”

A: Zambian born, London bred… Growing up I wanted to be a Marine Biologist..! 

Q: “What do you believe is the most important skill or characteristic for a software engineer to be successful at Next Matter?”

A: I don’t believe there is one characteristic or skill that holds the highest importance and can enable someone to be successful here at Next Matter. I do however believe a combination of problem-solving, curiosity, adaptability, teamwork & attention to detail are a baseline that will help you hit the ground running and make a huge impact within our community!

Q: “What strategies do you use to identify and attract top talent to Next Matter?”

A: To identify and attract top talent we mainly utilize social media platforms and employee referral programs. We try to build and nurture relationships by being transparent and establishing trust. As a company we strive to give our candidates a positive experience, it is a shared belief that this is crucial for our growth. Not only this, we also have a strong focus on diversity & inclusion and want our product, brand and working environment to reflect this.

“Reach out to me with any questions around tech roles and engineering.”

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About the author
Elisabeth Wagner is the People Lead at Next Matter and excited to create a great work environment for people with diverse background and experiences. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and in the science communication community.

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