HelloFreshGO delivers world class vending machine operations with Next Matter

HelloFreshGO is an end-to-end provider of innovative, state-of-the-art vending machines. They serve companies that want to treat their employees to healthy, high-quality food that is convenient to pick up at their place of work. At times, their customer organizations require technical support for hardware or software issues related to their vending machines. When these issues arise, fast, high-quality service is expected and required, so that employees don’t have to skip that tasty on-the-go lunch, and food doesn’t get wasted.
Initially, HelloFreshGO was able to coordinate tech support with a small team, but thanks to their fast growth, a more robust and scalable solution was required.

Fast and fully customised set up

After giving the Next Matter platform a dry run, they were convinced that it was a match for their needs, and during the subsequent onboarding session with the Next Matter team, HelloFreshGO were able to build the first version of their tech support process in a matter of minutes. Despite the quick set up, a high degree of complexity and customisation was able to be built in to their process. Spanning sixteen steps and requiring the orchestration of many functions, each individual instance of the process is unique, based on specific points related to the issue at hand.

Total alignment in the field

Tech-support employees are easily able to access Next Matter when in the field on their mobile devices. This means that it’s easy for them to document support status, view or upload photos of machines and receive full contextual information about each case. In this way, coordination between HQ and field workers is also managed seamlessly.

Flexible and dynamic adaptation to the real-world

The problem with many ticketing solutions on the market is that they do not capture the complexities of real-life. Teams are required to adjust their processes around the tool, rather than having the tool adjust to their processes and ways of working. As a platform, Next Matter not only worked with HelloFreshGO’s existing processes - it went one step further by enabling the evolution and optimization of these processes in real-time.
If a third party were to take over a step of the process (an external field service provider for example), HelloFreshGo could then reassign that responsibility within seconds. Customers wouldn’t recognize any change, and all process updates would be shared with the relevant team members instantly.

Since setting up their Tech Support process, HelloFreshGo have also successfully integrated Next Matter in with their customer onboarding or procurement request processes, and these will be explored in upcoming studies.



Delivery of world-class technical support for vending machines, which are installed at their customer's premises. These machines are stocked with perishable items that require rapid attention.

  • Several functions and locations involved (from HQ to customer sites)
  • 16-step process built in minutes
  • Conditional step execution based on issue type
  • Hours of coordination tasks saved

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