tink provides comprehensive, smooth onboarding for new employees with Next Matter

How does it feel to start a new job? Next to the natural feeling of excitement is often a hint of nervousness. Has everything been taken care of? Is all the required information and material ready? How will everything go with new colleagues?

Often, a new team member’s first experience of their workplace is a warm welcome by a member of the HR team. But what does it take for both parties to actually get to this point? How much work needs to be completed behind the scenes before this scenario can run as smoothly as planned?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Pia leads HR at tink, and her goal is for new teammates to feel “excited to start at tink”, as opposed to “they didn’t even know I was coming”, which is unfortunately an all too commonly reported welcome on platforms like glassdoor.

“Doing that takes a lot of work”, Pia explains. Information and documents need to be recorded, based on the requirements of the job. Has the contract been returned and archived? Are all accounts created? Are all tax files at hand? Has all the required training material been prepared? Have all the necessary introductory first day sessions been set up? Has the right computer been ordered, with the correct tools set up on it? It takes diligence to get it right every time.

Before using Next Matter, we had multiple spreadsheets, tasks managers, chats and meetings. It was difficult to maintain and inevitably things would have fallen through the cracks if I wouldn’t have been double-checking.


Totally customised and totally adaptable

The basic process of somebody joining a new company is similar all across the world, but the specific requirements are individual for each company.

“Whenever things change, like a new form that needs to be filled, or an additional training that needs to be done, I can make the change myself within minutes in the Next Matter editor”, Pia explains. That way, the process can evolve with tink as they grow and continue develop the way they work.

Next Matter allows us to capture and run our real-life process exactly like we do it at tink.

“At tink, we believe that our people are the cornerstone of our success. Next Matter allows us to greet our new joiners in that spirit.” As the tink team continues to grow, we’re sure that many more new teammates will experience frictionless “first-day-excitement” over the months to come.

In parallel with the New Employee Onboarding process, tink’s HR team have successfully integrated Next Matter with other key processes, and these will be also be explored in upcoming case studies.



tink is a fast growing eCommerce leader, with many new team members joining every month. With a comprehensive onboarding process in place, these new joiners can hit the ground running as soon they arrive.

  • 1 hour to create a first version of the process
  • Hundreds of new joiners successfully onboarded
  • Sophisticated process takes individual requirements of each job into account
  • Dozens of coordination emails saved

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