Managing high-quality content creation with Next Matter

Mapping out how things are done on Next Matter

The first step for the tink team was to capture how they created new product content to be featured on their connected home eCommerce platform. Their inventory is made up of a multitude of innovative - and often complex - technology products which customers want to understand inside and out before buying.
As a baseline, customers expect questions like: “What does the product look like?”, “Is there a demo video?”, “How does it work with the devices I already have at home?” and “How do I set everything up?” to be answered clearly and concisely. But creating truly high-quality content for a diverse array of products demands more from content creators. For tink, additional requirements need to be considered, for example: “Have the image labels been optimized for SEO?”, “Are the correct keywords in place?” “Have all technical specifications been spelled correctly?” and so on.

tink and the Next Matter team took this seemingly complex and unpredictable procedure, and created the first working version of the tink Product Content Creation process in a matter of minutes. Despite the perceived complexity, it turned out that the process could be broken down into six core steps, as the functions involved and questions to be answered were the same for all products. Once each step was mapped out in Next Matter, it took only a few iterations to build out the current version and onboard the entire team.

Bringing focus to creative execution instead of planning and alignment

With their Product Content Creation process running on Next Matter, all teams involved always know what work needs to be done next - and also how each new piece of content is progressing in real time.

This clarity and structure around process work has allowed the team to reclaim valuable time and energy for important creative tasks, such as copywriting, video production and photo shoots. In addition, Next Matter has also been able to help the team to deliver consistently high-quality process results, as all necessary checks and reviews are explicitly specified as steps within the process. To top it off, the results of all processes are automatically saved and documented for future reference - from the initial inventory selection, all the way to the final upload to the Magento database.

Truly adaptive processes for a dynamic team

By using Next Matter to precisely and accurately map out their workflows, tink was able to capture exactly how they did things - with no adaptation to new tools or platforms required.

A successful company like tink continuously learns and evolves - and so do their processes. The team is empowered to reflect learnings and process optimization directly in the team’s Next Matter workspace, thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop process editor. All changes are pushed live immediately.

Following the successful implementation of their Product Creation Process, the tink team has gone on to create several processes in Next Matter. Instead of endless coordination emails, meetings and calls, the tink team can now focus on what really matters: Getting the best connected home products into the hands of customers around Europe and the world.


Sharing smart and connected home products with customers in a fast-paced, highly-competitive eCommerce retail environment. Efficiently creating new product content for their online store requires the orchestration of a cross-functional team, at scale.

  • 1 hour to create a first version of the process
  • Hundreds of product content instances completed
  • Multiple functions involved smoothly, from marketing to operations
  • Hours of coordination work saved

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