Next Matter vs Kissflow
for Operations Process Automation

With Next Matter, operations teams automate their processes and workflows end-to-end, including external collaboration steps with partners, suppliers, and customers.

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Kissflow is a workflow tool
Next Matter is an automation platform for operations


Automate processes end-to-end, including external users

Your core operations are more than just internal workflows. They involve your partners, suppliers, regulators, and customers.
Next Matter enables you to build and assign external steps into your automated processes, so the full process is streamlined – every step of the way. Access is secure and customizable, and managers can control usage and visibility permissions for each external user.

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Scalable operations automation for your growing business

Keeping up with growth is tough. Thankfully, Next Matter scales as fast as you do.

Our operations platform is based on powerful RESTful APIs, that can be quickly integrated with your existing tool stack. It's as powerful as a custom solution built by your tech team, but with a no-code, drag-and-drop builder, your processes can be ready to launch in minutes.

Don't wait months for an operations system. Get started today and see results tomorrow!

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Expert support for every step of your operations journey

Our team is on a mission to help our customers build reliable and scalable operations for their businesses. Each Next Matter customer receives personalized onboarding from an operations expert with over 10 years of experience in automation and digitization.

From developing custom processes and integrations, to creating resources that help teams become automation experts, we try to help our customers grow better using Next Matter – every step of the way.

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Tired of coordinating work?
Automate processes instead.

Anyone can automate workflows.

But not everyone can automate coordination, integrate with your systems, connect your suppliers and partners, and give  teams everything they need to get the job done right.

Ready to automate operations? Next Matter's no-code platform has got you covered.

Next Matter offers more for operations teams

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No-code, drag-and-drop interface

Create processes step-by-step, assign stakeholders, and include real-life requirements like parallel activities, conditionals, decisions, and more.

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Operations-ready building blocks

Add-in checklists, work instructions, camera access, file uploads, custom forms, data fields and anything else your team needs to get their jobs done.

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More ways to integrate and automate

Integrate with the tools you use everyday. Push data to sheets, update CRM records, send Slack notifications, create PDF documents, and more.

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Connect teams, customers, and partners

Integrate and execute process steps directly with your customers, partners, and suppliers, safely and securely.

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GDPR compliant and ready for audit

Next Matter is proudly hosted on European servers. All processes and data can be exported for audit in minutes.

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Expert onboarding and integration support

Don’t wait around for consultants. Our customer success team is there to help you automate processes today and see real results tomorrow.

Operations teams are winning with Next Matter

Great workflow tool to use for every business unit!

"Our processes, some of which are very complex, could be integrated without any problems. As a result, we are able to save a lot of time on manual processes and eliminate error sources."

Highly customizable – perfect for complex processes

"Next Matter is a reliable platform and very well-equipped to capture even the most complex processes, automate them, and document them in a trackable way."

Makes processes accessible and efficient

"Using the tool is intuitive and it's fun to show off Next Matter to the rest of the company, because everyone shares the enthusiasm that our processes are now more structured and efficient."

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