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Fleet management is hard operations with lots of unpredictable, moving pieces. Looking for a solution? Look no further than Next Matter.

With Next Matter, you can streamline fleet and mobility operations with end-to-end workflow automation spanning your teams, customers, and suppliers. Reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve efficiency, and provide a delightful user experience. Get started today and take your fleet and mobility business to the next level!

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Fleet & Mobility

Why Next Matter is the workflow solution for fleet & mobility

With Next Matter you can schedule, track, and run your fleet or mobility operations from a single platform. Automate workflows, integrate your tools and database, interact with customers and suppliers, and more.

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Automation for every fleet & mobility use case

Whether in/out-fleeting, scheduling maintenance, or paying parking tickets, you can build workflows for it in Next Matter

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Tools for customers, suppliers, and teams

Give users the right tools and experience, whether reporting damages or working the back office.

End-to-end integrations for all your tools

Integrate workflows with your existing tools and database, and waste no time on documentation or data referencing.

Get measurable results fast – guaranteed

See real impact fast with a dedicated success manager to help onboard, ramp up your org, and reach your fullest potential.


Fleet & mobility workflows

Most popular workflow templates being used by fleet and mobility organizations:
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World-class workflows,
loved by customers

Customers love Next Matter workflows, integrations, and top-rated customer success. And we’re releasing new features for our customers every week!

Next Matter integrations examples
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Connect all the tools in your stack

Whatever tools your teams rely on, Next Matter enables you to connect. Eliminate copy-paste and system-switching, and drive operations from one platform.

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Integrate operations end-to-end – Use native integrations or API to connect all your systems, and drive it all from Next Matter.

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Operate better with automation –  Send data to and from systems, trigger processes based on system events, and eliminate countless hours of manual data-entry.

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The Operations Playbook

Ready to bulletproof fleet operations? Download now!

Download our free, 72-page that playbook and get started today. The PDF includes templates, planning and evaluation guides, toolkit guidance, real-life case studies, and more.

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