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Simplify insurance with automation

Customers want insurance to be easy and affordable. How do the best providers do it? Using workflow automation to streamline operations and deliver best-in-class customer experience, that's how.

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Workflow automation for the modern insurance organization

Cover all your bases with a workflow automation platform that’s flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of all your teams, partners, and customers.

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Automation for every case

Create end-to-end workflows with everything you need in one tool.

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Smooth user experience

Give users a delightful experience, whether filing a claim or working back office ops.

End-to-end integrations

Integrate workflows at every point with your existing tools and database.

Measurable impact fast

See real results fast with a dedicated success manager to help onboard and ramp up your org.


Insurance workflows

Most popular workflow templates being used by insurance organizations:

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Insurance teams are winning with Next Matter

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Fully automated in less than 1 week

You could say we were version one doing the job, and version five was Next Matter. We skipped a bunch of iterations and went straight to automating and tracking the process.

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The biggest source of truth

It’s the biggest thing we use in agency onboarding, it’s the biggest source of truth. If you don’t know something, you go check it in Next Matter.

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Connect all the tools in your stack

Whatever tools your teams rely on, Next Matter enables you to connect. Eliminate copy-paste and system-switching, and drive operations from one platform.

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Integrate operations end-to-end – Use native integrations or API to connect all your systems, and drive it all from Next Matter.

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Operate better with automation –  Send data to and from systems, trigger processes based on system events, and eliminate countless hours of manual data-entry.

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Branch insurance automates partner onboarding for 7x scale

Branch Insurance needed a quick solution to scale-up partner agency onboarding. Learn how they scaled up partner operations 7x in less than a year using Next Matter.

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The Operations Playbook

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