Next Matter Enters US Market with $4M in Seed Funding to Help Operations Teams Solve $3T Efficiency Problem

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April 5, 2024

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BERLIN - (Feb. 4, 2021
) -- Next Matter, the no-code process automation company with the only end-to-end platform for operations teams, today launches in the U.S. with $4M in seed funding led by Blue Yard Capital with participation from Crane Venture Partners and other individual investors. The company’s launch includes plans to hire in the U.S. to support its surging growth as it expands out of Europe. 

Next Matter is a team of executives who led operations efficiency programs at McKinsey and got frustrated with the complexity of running operations with no viable software solution in sight. They created their new platform to help companies reclaim the estimated $3T lost each year to inefficiently managed operations and coordination grunt work. Their platform – the first of its kind designed specifically for operations teams – provides a much-needed automation layer to a department that, until now, has relied on spreadsheets, email, chat tools, and excess manual coordination to carry out core business processes. 

Using Next Matter, teams bring processes, tools, customers, and suppliers together in a no-code platform, so daily operations can run easier and more reliably. Early customers are seeing up to an 80% reduction in Slack message and email volume and increased efficiency with ramp-up times as short as a few days. 

“A business’s daily operations are complex, unique to the business, and mission-critical, but operations teams are still left to muddle through their workflows using email, meetings, and spreadsheets,” explains Jan Hugenroth, CEO and founder of Next Matter. "Our platform enables operations teams to finally automate even their most complex processes all by themselves, without any coding experience, consultants, or IT project management."

Many operations teams are bleeding efficiency - in terms of both time and money - because they’re still using outdated, manual tools like email, meetings, and spreadsheets to coordinate critical or core processes like onboarding vendors, customers, and employees, delivering products and services, coordinating field maintenance and tech support responses, and even approving and executing purchase orders.

The SaaS market is flooded with products to optimize functions like customer relationship management (Salesforce and HubSpot), finance (NetSuite), eCommerce (Shopify), and customer service (Zendesk). Operations teams, however, are still faced with a choice between the Herculean task of building their own bespoke systems that automate coordination steps, handovers, and provide data references, or muddling through meetings, chats, and emails to navigate other team’s systems and processes that don’t scale with fast growth.

“There are great and ever-evolving tools and platforms for developers, designers, and other creators. But the blank piece on the canvas is a truly powerful creation and management tool for operators,” says Ciarán O'Leary, General Partner at BlueYard Capital. “It does not matter if you are a small startup or a Fortune 500 company - operational excellence is make-or-break. This is where Next Matter comes in - with their in-depth understanding of the problem, an experienced team, and the right product which has already automated operations for a number of preview customers with impressive results.

Next Matter’s operations automation platform provides key features that enable teams to get up and running on automated operations processes fast:

  • No-Code Process Builder - create operations processes end-to-end in minutes, link together teams, conditionals, decision steps, parallel steps, integrations, and more with no coding or training required
  • Embedded Instructions and Data - include detailed instructions, checklists, and reference data into processes so teams always have the right information at the right time, and there’s no need for manual coordination
  • Live Connection to Suppliers, Partners, and Customers - integrate and collaborate with third-party systems and stakeholders directly in Next Matter, and keep all parties updated in real-time without extra customization
  • Integrated Legacy Systems and Tools - link processes with your existing tools and systems, import and export data automatically, and trigger operations processes based on events initiated in other tools

About Next Matter

Next Matter empowers organizations and people to do their best work every day by providing a modern, automation platform with the powerful functionalities of enterprise software. The company was founded in 2018 by ex-McKinsey digital transformation expert Jan Hugenroth on the belief that there is a better way to do operations, with reliable and easy-to-implement automation. Next Matter is backed by venture capitalist funds BlueYard Capital and Crane Venture Partners and headquartered in Berlin, with remote team members based in eight countries and nine cities around the world.


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