External access for truly end-to-end operations

Automate external steps in seconds, and work seamlessly with users outside of your organization.

Next Matter's potential for customisation illustration
Next Matter's potential for customisation illustration

External Access

Take process automation beyond your organization

Suppliers, delivery drivers, customers – no matter who's involved, external access enables you to collaborate as if they were a part of your organization.

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End-to-end operations in 3 easy steps

Set up your processes, invite external stakeholders, and go! Using Next Matter’s designer, your first end-to-end process can be on auto-pilot in 60 minutes or less.

Setup access

Select the process step to be completed by an external user

Example of adding external users to Next Matter
Invite users

Share a unique access link with the external user

Connected operations example of sending step to a new user
Start executing work – the simple, automated way

Your partners, suppliers, or customers can now complete the process step directly in Next Matter – with only the visibility and access permissions you've assigned to them.

Example of connected operations with Next Matter

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Scalable operations to power your business growth

Fast-growing businesses need operations that don't break down. Automate operations for scale-up today with massive improvements in performance, reliability, and user experience.

Transactional icon
Manual task assignment to external collaborator, usually email or ad-hoc phone call which is tedious and error-prone to process.
Weight icon
Team members need to process and transform unstructured email input or call notes, into a usable format and inform the next team members in the process once done.
Linear graph icon
Linearly increasing baseload
Even pre-scale, this creates costly overhead and grunt work for all involved parties
Friendly customer icon
Automatic, delay-free briefing to external users, on the channel of choice with clear work instructions and easy-to-use forms
Friendly team icon
Automated, instant input processing directly to the right system or the next team member in the process
Scale icon
Scale-up ready operations
As a result, you will experience high performance, reliable operations during growth stage and at scale, freeing up valuable time for internal and external team members

Focus on your business.
Let automation handle the rest.

You can't manage external users, but you can automate collaboration with them. With external access, you don't have to lift a finger and the job gets done right every time.

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