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Workflow automation for delivery and logistics

In delivery and logistics, operational excellence is everything. With a dedicated hub for your workflows, you can streamline each of your core delivery processes across warehouse, dispatch, transport, and finance to help deliver a better service to your customers. Try Next Matter today!

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Delivery and Logistics

Why Next Matter is the best workflow solution for delivery and logistics

With management, tracking, workflows, documentation, and task execution all in one system, you’ve got nothing slowing you down.    

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Automation for logistics and delivery

Automate onboarding, equipment handovers, warehouse/fulfillment operations – there are many moving parts in logistics, and you can handle them all.

Visualize your operations end-to-end

Stay on top of every case with processes overview. Clearly see how all your activities are progressing, organize in stages and teams, and never drop the ball again.

Integrations for all your tools

Integrate workflows at every point with your existing logistics tools, communications, payments infrastructure, database, and more.

Access Next Matter from anywhere

Your delivery and logistics business is always moving, so run Next Matter on all your devices and empower your team to connect from the road.


Delivery & Logistics workflows

Most popular workflow templates being used in delivery and logistics:
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World-class workflows,
loved by customers

Customers love Next Matter workflows, integrations, and top-rated customer success. And we’re releasing new features for our customers every week!

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Connect all the tools in your stack

Whatever tools your teams rely on, Next Matter enables you to connect. Eliminate copy-paste and system-switching, and drive operations from one platform.

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Integrate operations end-to-end – Use native integrations or API to connect all your systems, and drive it all from Next Matter.

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Operate better with automation –  Send data to and from systems, trigger processes based on system events, and eliminate countless hours of manual data-entry.

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HelloFreshGO delivers world class vending machine operations with Next Matter

HelloFreshGO implemented a robust, scalable field and tech support system with Next Matter, ensuring their customers can enjoy tasty lunches on-the-go with minimal disruption.

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