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Financial Services

Powering customer experience, compliance operations, and more – with unprecedented speed and reliability.

Regulatory changes, market shifts, and disruptive competition require fintech companies to act fast in order to stay ahead. Next Matter enables you with the speed needed to meet each of these challenges head-on, and an all-in-one platform to automate and track your core operations – so you never drop the ball again.

That's why leading financial services companies rely on Next Matter to automate KYC, compliance operations, customer experience, risk scoring, and reducing total process turnaround times by up to 90%.

KYC & Onboarding
PEP & Sanctions
Seizure/Subpoena Management
Customer Support Ops
Mass Customer Comms
“We sped up our customer risk scoring process by 5-6x using Next Matter, and the process was fully automated within a week”


Scale up marketplace operations fast, and never miss an opportunity to grow

Fast-growing marketplaces deal with immense operational workloads that aren't supported by their marketplace platforms.

With Next Matter, teams get an operational home of their own, including all of their processes, teams, data, and more. Instead of wasting time on application development - or worse, manual coordination - they go-live with custom, automated processes in a matter of hours, and see impact immediately.

Partner & Customer Onboarding
Partner Invoicing
Claim Handling
Campaign Management
PDP Creation
“Next Matter has enabled the team to operate with greater ease and precision. In a complex process we can be confident that nothing will fall through due to human error.”

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail operations solutions that adapt to change and unlock growth

Operational silos and disparate systems prevent retailers from reaching their full growth potential. But not anymore.

Next Matter gives retail and ecommerce operations teams an all-in-one platform to carry out all their processes – no more switching systems, no more copy-paste, and no more dropping balls. Whether it's everyday order fulfillment or high-cost escalations, you can automate the process and doit better with Next Matter.

Inventory Checks
Return Handling
Order Fulfillment
Store Audits
“In the past we spreadsheets, a messaging app, and a task manager to handle fulfillment. Next Matter was the only solution that solved the problem end-to-end, and we rolled it out in less than 2 days.”

Fleet & Rental Services

Streamline fleet and rental operations in one system, and focus on expansion

Fleet and rental teams face a unique operational challenge – with every expansion comes more assets that need to be managed, maintained, and utilized.  That's not scalable without a dedicated platform.

Next Matter offers an all-in-one platform for fleet and rental operators to manage, carry out, and document all of their multi-step and multi-system operations. Our customers streamline back office processes as well as critical, customer-facing processes, driving both efficiency and customer experience improvements.

Equipment Rental
Return Handling
Insurance Claims
In- & Out-Fleeting
Repairs & Maintenance
Vehicle Registration

Venture Capital
& Private Equity

Put fund operations on autopilot, and get back to building the next unicorn

Successful investing requires a long-term strategy that involves a great deal of time, networking, capital, and calculation. Running behind all that are ongoing fund operations, which can make or break a fund's capacity to attract and develop successful portfolio assets. 

That's why funds use Next Matter to automate processes like quarterly reporting, management attestations, and company onboarding. With time-consuming operations automated, fund managers earn back time to focus on doing what they do best – creating successful companies.

KYP & Investor Onboarding
Capital Calls
Company Onboarding
Portfolio Reporting
LP & ESG Reporting

Delivery Services

Operate at lightspeed and deliver amazing customer experiences

You’re on a mission to change the way that customers experience delivered products. Speed and precision are of the utmost importance in order to succeed in this market, beat out the competition, and keep customers happy for the long haul.

Operational excellence is paramount, and Next Matter can get you there. With a custom-built, dedicated hub for your operations, you can automate and streamline each of your core delivery operations processes, and scale up effortlessly as you grow. With operations management, tracking, workflows, documentation, and task execution all in one system, you’ve got nothing slowing you down.    

Courier / Rider / Driver Onboarding
Partner / Supplier Onboarding
Delivery Hub Opening
Vehicle repair request management
Regular inventory audit

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